Privacy and Security

"Cookie" policy



"Cookies" are textfiles, IT data which are stored on user devices, used to browse webpages. They allow identification of user device and browse webpages with personal preferences. "Cookie" files mostly contain webpage address, storage time on user device and an unique ID.

We use "Cookies" for optimalization of webpage usage. They are also used for gathering statistical data, which help to identify the way of using webpages. It helps to develop better structure and content of the webpage from user point of view. Personal data stored in "Cookies" can only be gathered for executing specific functions for user. Personal data is coded and protected from unauthorised access.

We use temporary "cookie" files and permament "cookie". Temporary "cookies" are deleted after the user has log out from the website or closed his webbrowser. Permament "cookies" are stored for a specified time which is defined in the "cookie" file and they can be deleted manualy by the user. "Cookies" used by the host service are regulated by his privacy policy.

Web-browsing software allowes by default the usage of "cookie" files. User can configure the software to prevent saving "cookies" on his device or allow the browser to inform the user about an atempt to save "cookie" file. More information about configuration of "cookies" can be found in browser help. Changing the configuration of "cookie" management may affect on webpage usage or even lead to unproper functioning. In case of using (in every language version) accepting "cookies" is necessary for using eg. registration and application system.

Last update: 2015.02.04